Grow your Business by Leveraging the Cloud


In an IT-driven world, it can be difficult to keep up with the changing technology. With the large capital costs of overhauling an entire operating system, combined with the cost of staffing to update and maintain software, it’s no wonder that businesses are increasingly turning to cloud technologies as a viable alternative.

By moving to the cloud, companies are benefiting from better and faster services that are more flexible to their individual business needs than on-premise solutions. The cloud system provides access to third-party storage systems, databases, applications and servers. You provide your businesses’ requirements and budget, they do all the ‘heavy lifting’.

The pay-as-you-go payment schemes mean that as a businesses’ need for IT services may fluctuate, so too does the cost.  As well as only paying for what you need, when you need it, this will allow your company more flexibility for your budget. In a time of high-outgoings, or low-incomings, the option to scale back on cloud costs could be the make-or-break difference to your budget.

With upgrades and server maintenance now securely in the hands of the cloud’s experts, not only are your systems now freer, but your I.T. staff will be freed-up to focus on other tasks, whether that’s your website, online marketing, in-house training or product innovation, is up to you.

Although the initial process of transferring to the cloud may seem daunting, take the time to work out the long-term projections because you should find the system both time and cost efficient in the long-run.

A common concern for businesses thinking about transferring to cloud services, is security. It’s natural to feel hesitant at moving data from in-house and ‘in-your-own-hands’, to putting your trust in an unseen third-party, but it may actually be a lot safer. The cloud system is in the hands of experts who are at the forefront of technology, meaning constantly updated security expertise at your fingertips, versus the time and cost required to keep your IT staff chasing the same knowledge.

If you don’t have the skills or the staff to provide in-house network security solutions, then you may require extra protection. As well as providing peace of mind, there are cloud security services companies, who ensure that your data is protected and meeting IT security regulations. It’s their business to keep your data safe, so regular technology updates, keeping up-to-date with data security regulations, and protection against attacks is pack of the package. Again, with flexible costings per your requirements, you choose the price for your peace of mind.

The cloud also supports you to run your business from wherever you are, so you can access your systems from home, whilst on-the-go, or abroad. As well as providing lifestyle flexibility, this can take the headache out of an emergency if you can’t get to the office or connect to the server. It gives you the ability to access your business systems 24/7, leveraging your control of your company.

Flexible and fair payments, expertly secured data, and freed up staff and systems, are a few of the tangible benefits to cloud systems. They contribute to what we see as the overall advantage of the cloud- putting you back in control of your business.