Improving your workflow management with Salesforce

For most companies, selling your products or services is really the end goal for success, after all, is said and done, and most businesses will have a keen eye on their sales figures as they will directly link to how profitable their company is as a whole. Most companies these days will go about integrating all of their leads, approval processes and customer information and profiles on a single CRM system in order to effectively share ideas, announcements and monitor productivity and individual sales team member’s pipelines.

One of the most commonly used Sales CRM’s in use is Salesforce, a long standing, and a trustworthy name in the world of CRM systems. They maintain their brand and reputation by constantly innovating and adding new ingenious features that provide direct benefit to their users. Let’s take a look at how Salesforce can help streamline and improve your company’s sales processes.

Streamline Approval Process

Oftentimes when dealing with large scale clients or clients with a strictly set budget, some compromise needs to be made in some areas. Of course part of the training you give your staff should also help them to remain firm when faced with unreasonable requests for a discount, but nevertheless, sometimes compromises have to be made, which will require approval from management.

Salesforce allows you to completely automate this process by setting limits and values of acceptable levels of discounts for individual clients. This can also be employed to automatically approve things like expense and travel reports for outbound or face to face meetings and events.


Sales reports while absolutely necessary and vital to the proper functioning of your Business Development team, they can sometimes be hard to digest or understand if the author is relying solely on text to convey the situation.

Salesforce allows companies to properly visualize pretty much any process or data that needs to be visualized and understood by everybody in your team. This includes both numerical data in the form of charts and graphs, but also more complex and abstract ideas like sales funnels and approval processes for new products or services.


Communication is critical when dealing with any kind of sales process, Salesforce integrates all Sales related communications so you are able to see exactly what your team is saying both to each other internally, and to prospective clients and customers externally is a massive advantage to ensuring proper workflow and client communication.

In addition to this, it can also help you to mentor your sales team in the proper way to communicate and negotiate with customers in a productive and meaningful way that will help them close their deal.

Whilst taking on the task of Salesforce integration can be a hectic process with a few learning curves for your team along the way, ultimately it will provide increased levels of productivity, a streamlined workflow and allow you to properly take control of your Sales team.