Using G-suite to integrate the cloud into your business

Using the cloud to streamline and collate all of your company’s data into a single, easy to use cloud platform is something that sounds great to say but in practice, a lot of companies may struggle as they don’t know where to start. However, one of the more user-friendly and easily recognized providers is Google, with their G-suite app.

G-suite allows users to integrate all of their company’s critical information into a unified, collaborative space where productivity, project progress, and both internal and external communications can be monitored. But let’s look at a few specific ways in which you can use G-suite to integrate cloud computing into your everyday business operations.


G-Suite has several features which will allow your team to share documents and files with each other, view and comment on work in progress and monitor the progress and deadlines of individual projects. This will allow users to effectively collaborate with internal and external members of staff and serviced providers in order to streamline both communication and workflow allowing your team to work more closely and more efficiently.

Google Hangouts and Hangouts Chat can allow your team to create a project or goal-focused group communications in order to share ideas and project critical information with the responsible team. Another great feature of G-Suite is its integration with Google Drive, Google’s cloud-based storage, which also allows companies to permit temporary visitor access to these drives in order to share work with external service providers or clients.

Work Smart, Not Hard

In order to do their job properly your team, naturally, will need access to all data and information relevant to the individual project that they are working on. This can present problems when viewed in the context of traditional management as generally relevant information could be stored across multiple devices, email account, and data drives.

In order to help enterprises, overcome this problem, Google is brining third-party connectivity to its recently launched standalone cloud system. This allows users to search through both the company’s digital assets and fellow employees in order to find and use the data they need to complete their work in a fast and efficient manner.


Productivity is key to any successful business, and while every company will experience highs and lows in overall productivity, the technology and systems you use should not contribute to your businesses lower productivity.

Googles ubiquitous and increasingly popular Google Assistant can be integrated within employees Calendars in order to help your employees effectively prepare for the day of work ahead. It does this by reminding them of critical deadlines and scheduled meetings in order to ensure that your staff can stay up to date with last-minute schedule changes and sudden or important short notice meetings.

If you are looking for assistance with setting up and managing this process for your company, Beryl8 can help you set up and integrate Googles Cloud Platform into your business, as well as provide a whole host of other cloud-based integrations for businesses.